Non-standard (long legs) $600 - $800 pets.

Non Standard breeder/show $1200 - $1400

About Us

We are located just outside New Orleans, Louisiana. Specializing in the Napoleon (Minuet) Cat breed. Our cattery is registered with CFF & TICA. We spend a great deal of time and effort raising friendly, socialized kittens for your enjoyment. All kittens and cats live in our home, not cages to spend their day romping and playing naturally. Adopting from our cattery will ensure you get a happy, healthy, and friendly kitten. Adopting a kitten can be done in 2 ways:  1 ) To guarantee your choice of an upcoming litter, you can send a $100 litter deposit. Once the litter arrives, you will choose your kitten and pay 50% of the purchase price to reserve your kitten.   2) Or you can wait until the litter is born to see them and reserve a kitten at that time with a 50% deposit. All deposits and money paid on the kitten are nonrefundable. If you make a litter deposit and you don’t see a kitten you like in that litter, the deposit will carry forward to another litter. The balance of the kitten price is due before shipping or pick-up. Shipping is available for an additional $350 for cargo or about $450+ for a courier in the USA. Depending on size and development, Standard kittens can go home between 12-15 weeks. Non-standards can go home between 10-13 weeks. 


Breed History


The Napoleon (Minuet) Cat is a new breed of cat that has taken the cat world by storm. What began in 1996 by the founder, Joe Smith, who had an idea on how to produce a "new and improved version" of the Munchkin breed has now seen the Napoleon cat entering the show halls under the "Championship" status. The Napoleon is a dwarf feline that has that striking facial expression that is referred to as "the baby doll face" like that of the old timey Persian cats of yester-year. Yes - I said short-legged - a trait that is commonly seen in the dog-world from Pekingese to Corgis to Terriers but till recently, not seen in the cat-world. The cute short legs (a natural mutation) were introduced first by the Munchkin breed in the early 80's. Years of genetic studies as well as years of observation has proven that the short-legged felines are ALL cat - and no surprise - the short legs do not hamper mobility nor do they cause any health related concerns. As in the dog world where they are many low-rider breeds - the Napoleons create just a new and unusual look for cat lovers. The Napoleons are distinct from both of their parent breeds. Whereas the Munchkin cat is also short-legged - the Munchkin cat resembles a domestic cat. Napoleon cat Founder, Joe Smith, wanted a more purposeful look. Also as he looked at the current Persian standard - the Persian Breed Group had evolved into a more extreme-featured breed with the snub noses and the very short face structure. By embracing the old-fashioned Persian face and other Persiany features as well - the Napoleon cat is able to create a specific look - and avoids looking like a "Persian on short legs" or even a "Rounder faced Munchkin." They do have qualities from each group but have a distinct look of their own. We feel it is a winning combination! The Napoleon cat is a medium sized cat that comes in both long-haired and short-haired versions. Beyond coat length, the Napoleon can come in every possible color imaginable - likely colors that even you are unaware of such as lilacs, chocolates, minks, smokes, as well as the pointed varieties and more. The gene that creates the short-legs is not a dominant trait which means that the breed produces "standard kittens" (a.k.a. kittens with the short legs) as well as "non-standard kittens" (a.k.a. kittens with a regular leg length). Obviously the non-standard kittens are less expensive but they are highly desired as well for all of those "other traits" that make the Napoleon cat so popular - the beautiful sweet baby doll face, round eyes and face, sweet and outgoing temperament, and the beautiful coat and colors.



Our Commitment

We are commited to producing high quality healthy kittens. Our bloodlines come from well respected catteries and Championship bloodlines. We are a PKD negative cattery.  All kittens will have their first set of shots and worming completed, as well as parasite preventative / flea preventative and come with a 1 year health guarantee against fatal genetic defects and are guaranteed to be without any infectious disease upon arrival.  All kittens must be seen by a vet within 5 business days of purchase for a wellness exam for the health guarantee to be valid.  Failure to do so negates the entire health guarantee.

Pricing Structure

Standards (short legs)  $1200 - $1400 pets.    

Standard breeder/show $2200 - $2400







Note: International buyers prices vary depending on country, courier fees and paperwork required for overseas travel. Please contact me for details.

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