Pawsarepurrs Van Gough



Van Gogh is a Chocolate Harlequin (mostly white) Persian.  He has great round brilliant copper eyes and his coat is full, long, and luxurious.  This boy has the temperament that makes the Napoleon the cat it is.  His Persian temperament of being sweet, loving, and laid back is perfect.  His personality is that of the perfect lap cat.  He will wiggle his head under your hand to lift it for petting.  He loves head bumping you to tell you he loves you.  And he loves everyone!


Doublefarms Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy is a gorgeous emerald eyed Silver Chinchilla Persian with great black liner, cherry red nose and a gorgeous plush coat.  We call him our "Fancy Feast Cat". He has the perfect Napoleon face with round eyes, great doll face, nice ears and wonderful conformation. He has produced some gorgeous show quality kittens. He has such a sweet personality. He is my daughter Emma's best friend, he loves to cuddle and sleep with her on her pillow. He is our pet and lives with us on our home. He has been a wonderful stud. The ladies just love him!

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